Many women feel like they can be fashionable and feminine only by having long hair. In contrast, short is considered masculine, boyish, boring, hard to deal with. But there is so much more into short hair than most people would even think of.

Short hair is easier to style in different looks, it can be more versatile than many long haircuts. You can use many accessories and changing your hair colour is much easier. When doing drastic colour changes, keeping the length is quite a challenge, so when going short, you can lighten or change your hair colour as often as having your haircut.

Here are some trendy short haircuts to get inspired from:

Pixie Haircuts

A pixie can be a very classic look, or if styled with some product, it can offer a very funky, fresh appearance. It is short all over and it is always a chic choice that looks perfect at any age.


Crop Haircuts

A crop haircut is a softer version of the pixie, and it is an ideal choice for softening strong facial features. It is full of texture and it offers lots of movement.Crop_Short_Textured_Haircut_Inspiration