Celebrities are always the first to try new trends, new looks and haircuts.

Over the last decades, there are various fringes that became iconic. When looking for a change, a fringe can be an easy and quick way to spice up any haircut. It can change the whole look, or simply enhance the existing one.

The fallowing are our top fringes of all times.

Louise Brooks and the short fringe was a fresh start to all the flapper girls. It is sharp and edgy, but can go with any length.


Mia Farrow, Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn with the even shorter fringe have made the pixie look very feminine and very fashionable. It is a funky, modern look that suits every age.


Brigitte Bardot is an icon in many ways, but her fringe is unforgettable. Long, soft fringe that is almost too long to have, but perfect to emphasise a feminine look.


The most popular fringes of all time: side swept fringe that became iconic along with Jane Fonda. It is easy and versatile, you can have it with most haircuts and on bad hair days you can even hide it if necessary.


Farrah Fawcett is known to all of us. Her hairstyle is a classic! Perfect colour, perfect shape and the volume is just unforgettable. So why not try this soft fringe that curls outwards? It makes a luxurious touch to any hairstyle and any haircut.


A more edgy look is the Bettie Page fringe, which is very similar to Louise Brooks’ fringe, but this one is very thick and blunt cut, with the sides shorter than the middle, creating a concave shape.


Whether edgy or soft, fringes are always a modern touch to any haircut. Hope this A-list fringes are just as inspirational and iconic for you, as we can see them as creative hair stylists.