Same as blondes and brunettes, redheads have many different shades to choose from. Most people are reluctant when it comes to red hair, but there are endless variations of this colour and there is a shade to suit every skin tone and every personality.

When thinking of a redhead most of us think of either the coppery natural red heads, or the eccentric  chilli red tones we can see on teenagers. But to make things even, we would like to show you some of the most trendy red hair colours that are in fashion for the next season.

Red highlights

Red or copper highlights are the simplest way to add depth to both darker and light coloured hair. It offers a smooth transformation that will stand out from the everyday dull hair colours. Also, if you like to play it safe, try getting some highlights only in the fringe. This grows out quickly, in case you just want to make sure you like it before going for a bolder change.


Copper/Red Balayage or Ombre

If your base colour is a chocolate brown, or  natural copper there is a different option for you than just the usual blonde balayage looks. Try copper highlights or ombre, to get a natural yet very fashionable and fresh look. The new trends make this technique look very chic by matching different shades of red to many different base colours.


Red Toned Roots

The opposite of balayage, where the ends of the hair are getting dyed, the red roots trend is a bolder trend to go for. This needs commitment especially if it is done over blonde hair. It is a statement look that offers a very fashionable appearance reminding us of the runway shows and it can be done either in a smooth, soft shade, or a very big contrast.


Pastel Reds

For those who like change, this is a very good option for summer. It is easier to change it back to any other colour, yet it is still one of the most preferred red shades. There are various colours to choose from as long as it stays a soft, pastel colour.


Strawberry Blonde/Red

These shades are usually categorised as blondes because it is right in between blonde and a soft copper. It is neither blonde, neither copper, it is a very soft mix of both. The latest trend in this shade goes almost into a pale rose colour, a pastel shade that is sometimes mixed with cooler blonde to add contrast.


Auburn Red Hair Colours

The auburn red is a classic shade that never ceased to be in fashion. It is a rich hair colour that can look very natural without becoming too brassy. It is very close to a chocolate brown, but the undertones are all based on red.


Rose Reds

These soft and creamy red shades are the most popular and most loved hair colours of the last year and made their way to the list of 2016 hair colour trends. By choosing one of these smooth, candy- like hair colours, the hair becomes an accessory and it is the perfect touch to a summer look. The shades vary between rose reds and peach colours.


Deep Reds

This category includes dark, chocolate shades that are based on red colours. Most people would include these into brown hair colours, but from a closer look, it is very easy to notice the red and gold undertones. It is a classic shade that works well in any season.Deep_red_hair_colour_trend_2015_2016

Purple and Plum Shades

Purple and violet based reds that are similar to eggplant or plum colours, can look very elegant and velvety if it is done professionally. Choosing the right hue is the key to a very feminine appearance. Even though they sound like edgy colours, the deepness of these shades provide a chic look to every personality.


You may have noticed I’ve only given you 45 Shades of Red from which to choose?  That’s because there are at least another five shades (and more) which your hairdresser might decide are the perfect combination, just for you.

So have a chat before any drastic change and make sure the colours are personalised.  The results will be amazing.