The story of gorgeous looking, healthy hair is more like a myth. Rapunzel could never have her magnificent long hair in real life, because it would just get damaged after a while.

But this fairy tale is on its way to become reality.

There’s a new revolutionary product on the market, that we’ve been testing for a while now. The name you want to know is Snaplex. Using it to upgrade your colour, or simply as  a treatment, this innovative product builds and maintains the bonds in the hair follicle, which means it works deep inside your hair and doesn’t act like a regular treatment that moisturises only on the surface.


Finally with Snaplex, you can change your hair colour, get the lightest blonde, or simply protect your hair from any environmental damages and avoid any breakage at all!

We have done some extreme tests as well, and we have to admit:it is not a magic potion, but indeed, the hair is healthier than ever, it helps us push the boundaries and work on the hair without any risk at all.

This single ingredient changes everything. Add it to any of your services and get ready for the future of perfectly healthy hair.