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Anti-frizz Treatment

This hair relaxing treatment is a great choice to get rid of the frizz, while still enjoying natural wavy or curly hair. The Peptame treatments are formulated to tame the hair, using naturally occurring ingredients such as sugarcane proteins. While restoring and rebuilding the hair shaft, the Peptame treatments do not use any harsh, damaging ingredients as other commonly used smoothing treatments. It is quick, natural and gentle on the hair.

Anti-frizz treatment from $75

Smoothing Treatment

Having nature in the spotlight, we offer Keratin services that can reshape the hair to a smoother look while having less chemicals in their ingredients. The keratin treatments we provide are based on natural ingredients and they fill up the hair with proteins to relax the hair shaft. Clients can choose from full keratin and express keratin services, based on the results that they are looking for.

Because the keratin is based on natural ingredients and with less chemicals, it lasts for up to 3 months and slowly washes out. 

This means, there is no regrowth to avoid, the hair does not get damaged during the process and most of all, it will expose neither the hairdresser nor the client to unnecessary health risks.

Smoothing treatment from $120

Permanent Straightening

For those who are fully committed to straight hair, we recommend the Japanese (Permanent) Straightening that offers a permanent solution to curly or wavy hair. This service offers stunning results that need only regrowth touch up at around every five to six months. Meanwhile, the hair is smooth, shiny and easy to manage.

Permanent straightening from $200
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