Anti-frizz Treatment

peptame_treatmentThis hair relaxing treatment is a great choice to get rid of the frizz, while still enjoying natural wavy or curly hair. The Peptame treatments are formulated to tame the hair, using naturally occurring ingredients such as sugarcane proteins. While restoring and rebuilding the hair shaft, the Peptame treatments do not use any harsh, damaging ingredients as other commonly used smoothing treatments. It is quick, natural and gentle on the hair.

Anti-frizz treatment from $75

Organic Keratin Treatment

Having nature in the spotlight, we offer Keratin services that can reshape the hair to a smoother look while having no nasty ingredients. 

Our Keratin treatments will remove frizz, leaving you with softness, shine and strengthening it with the best organic ingredients. This service is perfect for all hair types that desire soft silky easy to manage the result.

Benefits of the Keratin treatment:

• Contains wild-crafted organic ingredients to pamper your hair with nourishing oils and extracts.

• Created with natural ingredients including fruit extracts, Tamarind, Apple, Sugar Cane Milk with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides for added moisture.

Has O% Formaldyhde, free from Formol Releasers, Carboncysteine, Parabens and all nasties.

• No fumes, safe and easy.

Organic Keratin Treatment from $120

Permanent Straightening

japanese_straighteningFor those who are fully committed to straight hair, we recommend the Japanese (Permanent) Straightening that offers a permanent solution to curly or wavy hair. This service offers stunning results that need only regrowth touch up at around every five to six months. Meanwhile, the hair is smooth, shiny and easy to manage.

Permanent straightening from $200
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