Cut & Style

Our mission is to create amazing and easy to wear haircuts, but it all starts with the canvas we have. Each haircut and hair colour is personalised to match the individual features of our clients, their personal style and lifestyle, to enhance their best characteristics. Based on professional training such as Sassoon, Mahogany and Mazella & Palmer, we strive to offer results in sophisticated, modern looks that are easy to recreate in the clients’ everyday routine with minimal or no effort at all.


Thermocut is the wellness haircut. For this service special scissors are used that have heated blades. When having a Thermocut, the blades seal the ends of the hair shaft, promising to preserve the moisture in the hair, stimulate self-regeneration and make the hairstyle last longer.

Senior Stylist Director
Ladies’ Cut & Style* $92–$130 $118–$155
ThermoCut & Style* $169–$199
Men’s Cut & Style* from $62 from $72

*Includes wash and blow-dry

Senior Stylist Director
Blow-dry $54–$71 $58–$78
Styling with flat-iron or curling tong (added service with blow-dry only) $25 $25
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