The colour services include many options and complex variations of techniques to compliment our precision haircuts. We are proud to offer Ammonia and PPD Free colours, with totally natural vegetal vaseline, Vitamin C and antioxidants that are perfect even for the sensitive clients. These permanent colours are formulated with a colour conditioning system to provide long-lasting colour and 100% coverage

While these products help us achieve perfect results each and every time, we make sure to stay away from all the harmful ingredients not just for health benefits, but also to protect our environment. Davines (the brand we use), is a certified B Corporation that strives to be a sustainable, natural business, with a low environmental impact, protecting people, community, environment and consumers.

Senior Stylist Director
Retouch* from $100 from $115
Short full colour* from $110 from $125
Medium full colour* from $125 from $138
Long full colour* from $140 from $175
Extra long full colour* from $200 from $245

*Cutting, styling and finishing not included


Fashion Colours (Balayage)

Being up to date with the latest fashion trends, at Janos Kiss Hair clients can have any celebrity looks they wish. Starting with Balayage, Ombre, Flamboyage, or simply colourful, bright strands, there are various options for every personality. The technique we use includes bleach-free lightening, that helps us create long lasting shiny, healthy colours. If not sure which style you like, pay us a visit to have a consultation and/or bring some photos so that we know which looks you prefer.

Senior Stylist Director
Ombre* from $160 from $180
Balayage* from $200 from $220