Natural curls are still on top, but keeping the frizz away can be a challenge. Outrageously curly or wavy hair is considered wild and unruly but fortunately there are a couple of easy tricks to tame your hair. Here are our favourite ways to make it work.

1. First things first: keep it hydrated! Curly hair has a different texture and most of the time is dryer than other hair types. It is important to keep the moisture in by using a frizz control or deep hydrating mask. Conditioners are not heavy enough for curly hair. Also, using a frizz control shampoo will help a lot.

2. Do not brush dry hair, instead, try to “comb” through with wet fingers. For naturally curly hair, the best method is to detangle with a wide- toothed comb while the conditioner is still on the hair. This way, the conditioner or mask will help with the detangling, while the product is spread evenly through your hair.

3. If your hair is only wavy and you tend to use the flat iron quite often, then always use a heat protective serum. As we mentioned before, curly/wavy hair is already dryer than other hair types, so do your best not to dry it even more. The dryer it gets, the frizzier it will be. Also, if you like drying your hair, use a diffuser and only half dry it, then put some mousse on it and leave to finish drying naturally in curls.


4. Make sure you have a haircut that enhances the curls or keeps your hair as flat as possible (in other words, keep it away from puffiness). Either way, having the right haircut can make a big difference. Make sure you explain to your hairdresser the way in which you prefer to wear your hair, so that the final result can make your life easier.

5. Decide what’s your weapon of choice: curly, straight or versatile. If you love your curly hair, than make sure you use the proper products for it, if you prefer straight hair, choose the permanent straightening, also known as Japanese straightening. It is still a better choice than using the flat iron every day. And if you like to change it around, wavy, or sometimes straight, try a Keratin treatment. This is only a relaxer, which washes out and gets rid of the frizz.

Also, to add some spice to naturally wavy curls, try braiding your hair overnight. This will add a neat look to the waves without using any heat.

Wavy, tight or loose curls, different hair types and hair shapes are all inherited. Like it or not, you are stuck with your hair for the rest of your life, so you might as well get the best out of it. Some of us might like it, some of us might hate it, but keep in mind that some of us can only dream about curly hair. Ask your hairdresser for more info on how to deal with your curls, or which service would be the best solution to getting your dream hair. Meanwhile, try the tips mentioned above and enjoy the kinkiness of your locks.