The gorgeous looking hair is part of our general appearance, being one of the most significant accessory we can have. It enhances our look and provides a boost of confidence, in some cases it even plays a significant role in the spiritual world. In the same time, being probably one of our most fragile body parts, we like to do our best to keep it healthy and noticeably glamorous.

The versatility of the hair and the endless flexible forms that it can offer, makes it the easiest way to get a new look, to change our style and be able to get back to the previous one quite easily. This is the main reason why people like growing their hair, so that they can keep experimenting on new hairstyles, fashionable haircuts or different hair colours.


To help you do this easier, here are some basic tips on how to stimulate hair growth:

– First of all, do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means not only having a healthy, balanced diet, but do regular exercises, and have a proper good night sleep. These habits might not look like they influence hair growth in any way, but they are actually the most important thing you can do for your hair.

Being part of your body, the hair will always reflect your daily choices. Extreme weight loss and an imbalanced diet can easily affect the look of your hair and even the tiniest, unnoticeable health problem can cause hair loss.

– Scalp massage is another great way to stimulate your hair bulbs. It is not only an extra service you get at the basin to be pampered, but also to stimulate blood circulation. This, ultimately results in providing more vitamins to the hair follicles and help with hair growth. Massage will relieve the stress as well, which will only benefit your hair even more.

– Have regular haircuts. When the hair starts showing split ends, it will only get worse. Once it starts to break, you will loose the length unwillingly and it will look like the hair is not growing at all.

– Avoid shampooing your hair too often. This only strips out the natural protective oils from your scalp and cause dry ends and oily scalp. The recommended time to have your hair washed is every 4 to 6 days. Try to stay away from shampoo by only rinsing your hair with water instead of shampooing, hide it by putting your hair back in a ponytail or use accessories like gorgeous hats.

– There are a couple of supplements and products on the market that promise hair growth, but we always recommend to stay natural. Simply keeping your body healthy will result in beautiful hair and skin as well. Of course, genetics have a great deal in the type of hair your have, but in these situations there is not much you can change about it.

– Last, but not least in importance, would be to stay patient. Sometimes it is not noticeable, but the hair is always growing. In some cases slower, or faster, but it never stops. So stay positive and keep treatin