Coloured hair fades with time and needs to be freshened up regularly. Even the best hair dyes can fade half a shade if not treated properly because there are many external factors that can affect the colour of your hair.


To make sure you keep your hair colour as vibrant and as shiny as possible, you can make some small but effective changes in your daily routine. Here are some good tips on how to protect your hair colour:

Avoid the sun. It is easier to say than to do especially in summer. But there are plenty of fashionable hats and scarves that can protect your hair and your face from the damaging UV rays.

If it is hard to avoid the sun, make sure you use a UV protective serum, also called a thermo protection lotion. These products will protect your hair just like sunscreen does your skin. Because what harms your skin, harms your hair as well.

Avoid chlorine. Pool water makes colour fade and blonde hair may go green. If you go for regular swims at the pool, try to avoid getting your hair wet. If it does get wet, don’ t use shampoo afterwards, just put some conditioner on and rise very well. This way you can keep it conditioned without over washing it.

Avoid sulfates. Most hair c