Coloured hair fades with time and needs to be freshened up regularly. Even the best hair dyes can fade half a shade if not treated properly because there are many external factors that can affect the colour of your hair.


To make sure you keep your hair colour as vibrant and as shiny as possible, you can make some small but effective changes in your daily routine. Here are some good tips on how to protect your hair colour:

Avoid the sun. It is easier to say than to do especially in summer. But there are plenty of fashionable hats and scarves that can protect your hair and your face from the damaging UV rays.

If it is hard to avoid the sun, make sure you use a UV protective serum, also called a thermo protection lotion. These products will protect your hair just like sunscreen does your skin. Because what harms your skin, harms your hair as well.

Avoid chlorine. Pool water makes colour fade and blonde hair may go green. If you go for regular swims at the pool, try to avoid getting your hair wet. If it does get wet, don’ t use shampoo afterwards, just put some conditioner on and rise very well. This way you can keep it conditioned without over washing it.

Avoid sulfates. Most hair care products, especially the ones in the supermarkets contain sulfates. These products will make your hair colour fade and make the hair dry. (Read our article about sulfates and parabens here)

Do not wash too often. This is also a recommendation for natural, uncoloured hair. Washing too often makes the colour fade if it’ s dyed,  and natural hair go dry at the ends and oily at the scalp. Once every 4th day is ideal. If but if you are in the habit of washing your hair way more often, try to wean yourself off it and wash at longer intervals.

Use professional products that suit your hair type. There is a reason why we have different product ranges in the salon so you might as well take advantage of that. Ask your hairdresser which one suits your hair type and your lifestyle. There are shampoos for every need so make sure you are using the one that works best for you.

Treat your hair well. We always recommend a treatment after having colour done, because it blocks the colour in and rehydrates the hair. As the healthier your hair is, the longer the colour will last. Even with natural  hair, having a treatment once in a while will refresh the entire look and give shine.

Choose professional services. This means not only choosing professional hair dye instead of the ones from the shops, but also choosing a salon that offers good services. It is important that the chemicals in the hair dye are the best available and will not cause damage and that the colour is administered professionally so that you get long lasting results.

And one of the most important aspects of protecting your hair colour is your general health. Because a healthy lifestyle means healthy hair which results in longer lasting colour as well. So try to enjoy a balanced diet with regular workouts to make sure your hair is healthy from the inside out. Everything we do and eat, will reflect on our skin and hair.

Having a perfect hair colour all the time is part of your hairdressers work, but doing your part with proper maintenance can make a big difference as well. It might not look like it needs care, but keep in mind that everyone’ s hair, including natural, healthy hair, needs maintenance at some level.