Top 3 Hairstyles For Rainy Days

Cuddly weather is here and most of us prefer the comfort and warmth of our home. But, as much as we may like to, we cannot avoid the rain.

The question is, what can we do to keep  our hair looking gorgeous in winter?

We say: do not fight against the rain, but work with it!

There are a few easy tricks to keep glamorous looking hair even in the wettest of days in Sydney.

Here are our top 3 favourites.

1. Hair accessories

Use bobby pins to keep the unruly strands in place. Go for golden or silver pins to make the simplest hair look classy, add more than usual and make it a statement accessory.

It is also a good way to add a touch of colour to your outfit, if you choose colourful designs.


Headbands are also an easy and quick way to control hair, and they come in many different styles starting from classic bands until the jewellery inspired designs with pearls and gemstones.


2. Put some texture in it.

Forget about straight, smooth hairstyles. Even with the best products and the healthiest hair, it is almost impossible to keep a frizz-free hair during the rainy season. It is better to use it in your advantage and shape your hair into curly looks, messy up styles.


Use a curling wand, rollers or just a flat iron to add some texture to your hair, move your fingers through it and you are ready to go.

If you prefer having your hair up, choose a messy bun, braids or twirls that won’t require a neat finish. This is also easier if you already have your hair curled.

3. Get fashionable with trendy hats

There are many hats that can work as a final touch to your outfit, providing a very chic look. With this choice, there’s not much work involved with hair, because most of it is covered, but if you want to be safe, stay on the curly, wavy side of the styling. Hats are also very efficient if it’s a windy weather and they are cozy at the same time.Stylish_Hats_Hairstyles_Janos_Kiss


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