What Is The Difference Between Conditioner, Hair Mask and Hair Treatment?

Using a conditioner has become a part of our everyday routine, but what difference doest it make if we use a mask or a treatment instead?

There are so many choices before you, but which is the right one?

Each of these products offer a good result, but it is very important to know which one is suitable for a particular situation. Here is our short description of what these products do, what we recommend them for and how they should be used.



The main purpose of conditioners is to seal the cuticles and restore the natural PH balance of the hair.

When shampooing, not only are the impurities removed but inevitably some of the hair’s natural moisture goes too. Applying a conditioner will help restore the initial balance to the hair, and ad manageability when styling it.

Conditioners should be applied on the length only, on towelled dry hair.

No, do not apply it on the scalp because conditioners were developed for the hair only. It will not harm your skin, but the hair will become oily.

Same with masks, while some treatments are scalp friendly.

Make sure you rinse well.


There are various masks to choose from, but the main feature of these products is that they act as a deep conditioner. Masks offer a deep conditioning result, but they work only on the surface of the hair, just like conditioners. Choices usually range from a restoring mask to a deep moisturising or a frizz control mask.

Keep in mind that a mask should not be used as often as a conditioner. It is a heavier product, so we recommend to use it every third wash only. Meanwhile, use a conditioner for maintenance.

Apply on the length only, on towel-dry hair and leave on for a couple of minutes. We recommend towel dry hair because this way the product that is used, will keep its concentrated form.

Also, if you have the time, just put on a hot towel to boost the process and enjoy pampering yourself.

Make sure you rinse well.


The most popular treatments are the moisturising, colour locking treatments. At JKH we always recommend a treatment after having your colour done, or occasionally between blow dries to keep your hair healthy. It restores moisture and gives shine. Treatments provide deeper care than masks, resulting in a longer lasting effect.

There are a few treatments to choose from:

  • moisturising, colour blocking treatment for dry or coloured hair
  • reconstructive, for heavily damaged hair
  • energising, to stimulate blood circulation which may result in hair growth
  • purifying to remove all buildup from the scalp
  • quick fix treatments for home use, and many more

Conditioners, masks and treatments as well are all very useful in maintaining the health of your hair. The most important thing is to choose the one that’s suitable for your hair type and your lifestyle.

To sum it up:

– use conditioner regularly

– use masks every now and then to boost the moisture in your hair

– choose a treatment to lock in colour or to fix scalp and hair problems

If you have doubts, our team at JKH is happy to share more knowledge.




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