The bob is a very classic haircut which can be easily designed depending on your face shape. You can spice it up with highlights, a soft ombre, curls or simply wear it naturally. Either way, the bob is always a flattering way to wear your hair, it is very versatile and extremely feminine. Of course, the bob can also be mixed up with different parting, or different fringe shapes.

Here are a couple of the most popular bob shapes that you can find in the celebrity world as well.

Graduated Bob

The graduated bob is a rounder shape that can provide a bit of volume and movement where it’s needed.


Asymetrcal Bob

Gradually gets longer towards the front, but only on one side. It’ s more edgy, eye-catching¬†haircut that offers a¬†very sharp look.


Blunt Bob

No layers, no extreme lines that reshape your look. Simple, chic and bulky for the thinner hair types.


The Lob

What is the lob? Simply a long bob haircut, touching the shoulders. It is right at the limit of a bob that’s almost too long to call a bob. This is probably the best way to start with the bob hairstyles.


The Pob

This name comes from Victoria Beckham(Posh Spice), who made the A-line bob extremely popular. This haircut is short at the back, getting gradually longer at the front.

Pob_Haircut_CelebrityIn case you decide to go for the bob, pick a couple of photos, bring them along to the salon and we will help you choose the one that suits you best.