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What happens if I don’ t like my hair when I get home?2018-02-07T12:01:21+11:00

In case you are not 100% satisfied with your hair, the JKH team will be happy to hear you out and do their best to achieve the look you want. For this, you need to let us know within one week after your hair was done with us and we will make sure to accommodate you as soon as we can.

In case of change of mind, we cannot take responsibility, but we are happy to book you in for a new appointment when you can get the changes done as long as it does not affect the integrity of your hair.

What happens if I don’t confirm my appointment?2018-02-07T12:00:29+11:00

The booking system will contact you several times trying to confirm your appointment and we may also try to do it personally. If we still haven’t hared back from you, the JKH team reserves the right to cancel your appointment to open the slot for someone else. We highly appreciate an early notice if something comes up and you need to change your appointment.

Why can’t I at times make a booking online?2018-07-09T19:50:38+11:00

Based on our Policy, all appointments should be confirmed 48h ahead. This means if you try to book online and it is less than 48h until your required service, the online system will not allow the booking. If you call us on 0426 270 010, we can check the schedule and will do our best to fit you in, so please don’t hesitate if you need an appointment. For Saturdays, all bookings within 48h will require a deposit either paid in person or over the phone.

Are all your products natural and safe to use if I am sensitive?2018-02-07T11:58:17+11:00

Yes. Colours, Hair Care products and even Styling Products are all natural, free from all harmful chemicals and safe to use on sensitive skin. In case you have severe issues and you would like to make sure you are comfortable with these products, we can offer a free test. Please make sure you let your stylist know about any issues you had in the past with other products.

Do you do late nights?2018-02-07T11:57:35+11:00

Yes. There is a high demand for late nights so we decided to be open late on three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Can I ask for a specific stylist to do my hair?2018-07-09T19:51:05+11:00

We all work as a team, so yes, it is not a problem if you have preferences. The JKH team is like a family so we are happy even just to assist with your service. Please let us know who you prefer and we will do our best to cater to your needs.

Do you have student or senior discounts?2018-02-07T11:56:05+11:00

Because we always aim to offer the best results, the JKH team offers a high-quality service to all clients. This means we cannot offer discounts as it would mean to compromise the time spent with you.

What payments type do you accept?2018-07-09T19:51:47+11:00

At JKH we accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, basically any card type even from overseas and obviously including cash payments.

Can I bring my baby/children with me?2018-02-07T11:53:31+11:00

Yes, children are welcome, but in regards to their safety, it is your responsibility to watch them at all times. We do not take responsibility for any injuries that may occur.

Where can I find parking?2018-02-07T11:51:37+11:00

For your convenience, there is a 2-hour free parking on Paraween Street, just at the back street from JKH. Also, if your services are bit more lengthy, there is unlimited free parking after 10 am on Gerard Street or a 3h parking at the back of Orpheum Cinema.

How do I find you?2018-02-07T11:50:47+11:00

Located in the heart of the Lower North Shore, the JKH salon is designed for a neat and efficient workspace, providing a friendly atmosphere where everyday problems can be forgotten. To be more precise, you can find us in the lovely Cremorne Plaza where there are various lunch and coffee places to enjoy. This spot is just between Orpheum Cinema and McDonalds and right across from Fanuli furniture.