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Cheers to the Past 5 Years at JKH!

Cheers to the Past 5 Years!   It's been 5 years since the doors of JKH have opened to the local North Shore community. Falling in love with Australia and moving from Europe to make the North Shore his home, Janos Kiss opened a European style salon on Military Road 5 years ago where he worked hard to achieve [...]

How To Have Healthy Blonde Hair

May it be natural or salon made, everyone loves a glamorous blonde hair! The main concern remains the same: how to have healthy, shiny blondes that look good all day, every day? Well, the answer is easier than ever: stay away from bleach. Because blonde hair colour is so popular, and because most clients were [...]

2018-09-20T15:10:36+11:00May 16th, 2018|Blonde Hair, How To, Quick tips|

How To Choose Hair Extensions

The world of healthy luscious locks has always been a must have for every woman who wants to feel like a queen and so has the the hair extensions. Same as any other hair related products, the elementary decision is the same: Choose a high quality hair extension that will be easy to handle and [...]

2018-09-20T15:17:11+11:00April 3rd, 2018|How To, Quick tips|

Difference Between Box Colour and Professional Hair Colour

What Is The Difference Between Box Colour and Professional Hair Colour? Hair colours in hundreds of shades are now available at all shops to buy at your convenience. So why would you still chose a professional hair colour? What makes the difference between cheap and quick colours from the shops and the brands that [...]

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How to Protect Hair Colour

Coloured hair fades with time and needs to be freshened up regularly. Even the best hair dyes can fade half a shade if not treated properly because there are many external factors that can affect the colour of your hair. To make sure you keep your hair colour as vibrant and as shiny as possible, [...]

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