Blonde hair is indeed gorgeous, but we have to admit, it needs a bit more maintenance than other hair colours. Lightening your hair can have a negative affect on your hairs’ health, but there are a couple of basic, simple things you can do.


  • First, moisture, moisture, moisture. Use a professional conditioner, or even mask once a week to keep it hydrated. Avoid the sun by wearing stylish hats, and use a swimming cap if you go to the pool quite often.
  • Second, use a heat protective serum if you use the flat iron, but try to stay away from the GHD as much as possible. If it’s only the frizz that’s annoying you, rather go for a Keratin treatment. This will add shine and rebuild the health of your hair as well.
  • Wash only twice a week. shampooing too often, will result in dry hair. There are several stylish way to wear your hair up if you need to hide it for a couple of days.
  • Have a trim as often as needed. if you have split ends, it will only get worse until you need to chop more off of it.
  • Also, keeping a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and regular workouts, will assist in a faster growing, healthy hair.
  • Freshen up if needed with a silver shampoo to avoid rusty, coppery shades.

Keep in mind that a healthy hair is always the best accessory.