Simple but effective little tips to maintain your glamorous blonde at its best.


1. If it’s lightener, do everything to protect your hair. Use Olaplex, or Snaplex, or any other bond protecting product on the market to stay on the safe side.

2. Use a strong hydrating conditioner, or in some cases, when the hair gets brittle, a mask would be an even better choice. Always choose products that suit your needs.

3. To get the results you are looking for, try to show a photo of the blonde you prefer. There are endless blonde shades to choose from, so having an example or two to show, will help your hairdresser to find out which shade, which tones you like.

4. Use professional hair care products to give the best to your hair. This way, you can avoid split ends, dry hair and brassiness.

5. Preferably wash once a week, or once every 4 days. This helps to keep the natural moisture in your hair.

6. Get regular trims. If possible, choose the Thermo scissors to keep all the moisture in the hair. If it’s hard to find in the area, just do the regular trim, but maintaining healthy ends will eventually offer you longer hair.

dos_and_donts_of_blonde_hair_highlightsDon’ ts:

1. If it’s lightener, never overlap! Either for a block colour (with lightener or high lift blonde shades), or foils, overlapping will damage the hair.

2. Stay away from heat. Flat irons, curling wands, and even sun. If you need to use heat to shape your hair, always use a heat protective serum. Blonde hair is fragile so make sure you protect it.

Use UV protection for your hair  when you spend a lot of time in the sun. (yes, there are UV protection serums for the hair just like for skin)

3. We don’t recommend using Argan oil, Maoroccan oil, Olive oil or anything that contains tinted oil. It is not a proven fact, but in many cases we noticed that it stains the hair and makes it go yellow, brassy.

4. Do not try to get blonde hair by using a “box” colour (aka the supermarket hair dyes). Getting the perfect blonde is a challenge in most cases. The box colours can never offer the same result as having it done professionally.

5. Try not to get your hair wet if you go to the pool to avoid chlorine, and neither if you go to the beach, to avoid the salt getting your hair dry. If it does get wet, rinse out as soon as possible and use a good conditioner.

6. If you are trying to get from dark to very light, do not expect miracles. There is a reason why hairdressers recommend multiple applications and there is a reason why we do not lighten the hair over and over again in one session. If you don’t believe in hairdressers advice, you might end up with extra short or no hair at all because it will eventually snap off.

7. Do not wait too long to get your regrowth done. With blondes, it is critical to get touch ups as often as possible, because the bigger the regrowth, the less chance you have to get an even colour. Ideally, you should have touch ups every four to six weeks.