When choosing one of the latest hair colour trends like ombre, balayage or simply beach blondes (aka BB Hair), there is only three things we highly recommend:

1. Avoid using bleach

At JKH we now do bleach free lightening that can recreate any of these looks. Ask the staff about it to find out more.

2. Make sure you get it done professionally!

There is nothing worse than a rusty, patchy looking hair colour. Remember: it always costs more to fix something than get it done well to begin with. Find out more about what the difference is between box colour and professional hair dyes here.

3. To maintain your gorgeous looking hair, always use professional hair care products that are suitable for for hair type.

Once you lighten your hair you should be aware of what hair care products to use. Just like a super white clothing item: would you wash it with some dark jeans? No. Then why would you do it with blonde hair?

Because of the lightness of the hair, it is crucial that the finishing products are not tinted.

  • Use a translucent serum

When you choose a serum, pick one that is translucent. If you go for a golden serum that you keep putting on the hair, eventually it will stain it.

  • Shampoo for the scalp, conditioner for the hair

The shampoo is usually recommended according to your scalp needs, unless the hair was compromised prior to the service you had done on the day. But the conditioner can be a highly moisturising, protein based product that keeps the hair strong and healthy.

  • Toning shampoos are great once in a while

Now and then you can use a toning shampoo or conditioner. This means there are silver/blue/violet pigments in it and it will keep your blonde on the cool side of the colour wheel. But same as treatments, do not use it on every occasion and do not leave it on for too long. If too many pigments build up in the hair, it can become darker than it actually is.

  • Get regular treatments done either in salon or at home

Do a treatment every second or third time you wash your hair. Home care is essential to maintain a clean and healthy blonde.

Find out what the difference is between conditioner, mask and treatments here.

There’s only one thing to remember with this:

whenever you have a protein based conditioner or treatment, do NOT leave it on overnight.

Too much of a good thing can be just as bad.

  • Avoid pool water if you want to keep a clean blonde

Avoid pool water and if you have old pipes running through your house, try to use a water filter on your shower head. This might sound extreme, but it is very common that the copper pipes change the chemicals in the water, which eventually stain the hair. Same with the chlorine in the pools.

They say a good hair is the best revenge. So wear it as a crown you never take of. Treat it like a piece of jewellery and show it off every time you have the chance.



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