The world of hair extensions can now offer endless options for various occasions. It may be just for everyday use to get more volume or length, or it may be for a birthday, or a wedding, but we have two special clients who take it to the next level: on stage to international Fitness competitions! Let us introduce you to our celebrity clients: Rhoda Lucas, Australia and Pecsériné Kóbor Ágnes, Hungary.

Rhoda Lucas

With a background of dietitian and nutritionist for almost 20 years, Rhoda is a natural body builder who decided she will take charge of her health and her looks taking it to a level which got her straight on stage at the Fitness America World Championship, Vegas. Her competitive nature helps her get the best of her lean muscles and while getting stronger and stronger, Rhoda needs the full look of perfectly shaped hair as well. The hair extensions help her achieve the hairstyles she needs without having to worry too much about it. Have a look at the amazing photos we received from her!

Pecsériné Kóbor Ágnes

Working as a personal trainer at high end, European fitness- wellness health centres, Agnes won first place at her first competition on a National level in Hungary, Bodyfitness category, then she soon gained a 5th place in the European fitness competition and her latest achievement was second place at the World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation.

The main category which she likes to compete in is the sport model, where keeping your feminine side is very important not only regarding your body shape, but also having glamorous hair. And this is where JKH has added the last touch to her perfect shape: the Seamless1 hair extensions helped Agnes maintain her feminine look and add a glamorous touch to her entire presentation.


The main role for both fitness gurus is being full time mums for their gorgeous daughters, so it is very important for them to have an easy maintenance with their hair. Having the extensions, helped them in their everyday life by looking at their best at all times and be ready for a new challenge.



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