What do Keratin treatments do?

Ok. So we’ve all heard about the magical Keratin Treatments and the glamorous shiny and smooth hair that you can get as a result.

As fantastic and unbelievable it may sound, the Keratin treatments did come a long way since their invention. And yes, it will tame the frizz, it will make your hair smoother and shinier.

How does Keratin Work?

To make it simple, the Keratin is a basic component of hair, skin and nails. In time, even if we take the best care of our hair, the Keratin gets lost and that is when the hair becomes frizzy, weak and hard to handle. Also, naturally curly, wavy hair may feel dryer naturally as it has a different texture.

When having a Keratin treatment, professionals add an extra boost of Keratin to the existing one, which will fill out the gaps in the hair follicle, relaxing the entire look and nourishing it inside- out. Because the hair becomes healthier, it will become shinier and smoother as well.