People have been using shampoo to clean hair for centuries now, but all of a sudden, there are so many choices on the market, sometimes it becomes hard to decide which one is the best. Meanwhile, with the development of the beauty industry, we started to realise that as more natural our beauty products are, the better for our health. So why are sulfates and parabens such a big problem all of a sudden?


Parabens are strong chemicals used to preserve beauty products. It all sounds ok so far, right? But these parabens have been scientifically linked to certain types of cancer and malfunction of the male reproductive system. To stay away from parabens, many companies found natural ways to preserve these products, all derived from plants.

Sulfates are the foaming agents, which help dissolve grease, dirt and basically anything on the surface of your hair. At the same time,this can be harmful, as it strips out the natural protective oils of your scalp and all the moisture from your hair. Also, using products that contain sulfate, you will make your colour fade. Not to mention, it has been related to cancer, just as parabens.

Even if these two main ingredients may not be harmful on their own, when they interact with the rest of the chemicals, they form a not so friendly ing