The ageless ponytail has always been a sign of strength, independence and dominance. It is a historic hairstyle that has been present in fashion starting from the Ancient Civilizations and until the present day often seen on the red carpet.

There are many different ponytail styles to rule, but the one that’ s on demand at the moment is the High Pony. It shows off a thick and strong hair, with a wave in it that adds a wilderness to it but you can still pull it off with an elegant look.


Things to know about the High Pony:

Most of the times, you need to add extensions

The unrealistic hight of the modern pony needs a big amount of hair. Also, if you want to keep the length, you will definitely need to add extensions. But not to worry: there are now extensions that are specifically made for ponytails. Put them on for the day, reuse them on another occasion.

There is lots of product involved

Even though the High Pony looks soft and natural, to make the S- like shape of this style, we need to add styling products. Most people prefer to stay away from too much products, but keep in mind that  if the products are high quality, they won’t feel sticky or too much at all.

It takes longer than just pulling it back with a hair tie

Yes, you can do a ponytail. And yes, you can make it look nicer than just a quick fix for a bad hair day.

But to make a fancy High Pony, there is more work involved. Make sure you don’t rush it if you need the fancy High Pony and not just an everyday tied up hair.