The first and very obvious difference is the price. Why would you opt for the expensive shampoo, when the store retail is so much cheaper that it’s probably one of the best ways to save some money. Especially when it comes to your children’s’ hair, right?

Like most professionals, hairdressers can easily tell the difference, but let’s be honest: most people just get used to the feeling of dry or brittle hair and can’ t remember how it feels having less trouble with it.

All shampoos will make the foam, all of them will clean your hair, and even offer extras like shine and moisture. But which one is really working, and which one is offering an illusion?


Here are some basic differences why we are always recommending salon retail:

1. Professional products are concentrated. Therefore, even if it might be a bit more expensive, it will last longer than any other product.

2. There are different ranges that suit different hair types and we can recommend the one that suits you best.

3. We prefer sulfate and paraben free products, to protect not only your scalp, but also your hair colour.

4. Even if the ingredients of both products are more or less the same, the ratio and the amount are the ones that really matter. Professional products are developed to offer more vitamins and proteins than any harming chemicals that only coat the hair follicle on the surface.

5. Using a professional range will offer a more manageable hair, not only because it gets nourished, but also because it doesn’ t build up the unwanted chemicals that fix the problem temporarily

If you are still not convinced, we always compare store products to dishwashing liquid. Try using it instead of your normal shampoo for a while, and feel no difference. It cleans perfectly, but harms the scalp and your hair in the same time.

And if it still isn’ t enough proof for you, ask for a shampoo sample in the salon and give it a try. Sometimes quality over price has a purpose and it does make a difference.

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