Meet our new Stylist: Andrea.


And yes, before you get confused, there are now two Andreas doing their magic at JKH.

So back to where we started: Andrea, aka Andy, has an amazing history of over 20 years in hairdressing. Starting from owning her own business in Hungary, through to being a salon manager in the UK and until she decided to come to Sydney, Andy brought her energy to our team and is eager to experience this side of the world.

But enough of formalities. Here are some fun facts about her:

Andy loves traveling, does a bit of surfing, a bit of diving, snowboarding and a big lot of joking around. Her positive attitude usually becomes contagious to everyone, while she always stays focused and serious when it comes to working with hair.

Andy is now full time at JKH, so please feel free to book in with her at any time during our working hours.