As hairdressers we always need to stay up to date with fashion and trends, but we have to admit we are not so good at keeping up with celebrity names, shows or other events. This is why we don’t always realise how many of the local celebrities actually visit our salon.

Like all of our loyal customers, celebrities trust us to do their hair, to restyle or to change their hair colour for a different look. Recently we had the chance to play around and do a quick photo shoot with Rosie Keogh.

This time, we did four different looks, from classic waves, to a faux bob, a high ponytail and a big volume waves. The results are simply amazing, the variations of the same haircut offered us unbelievable changes in her look. Pick your favourite and see how versatile a hair can be, notice how much the overall look can differ with new a hair style.


Whether a hair is short, medium or long, there are always different ways to style it. For a Friday night date, or for a red carpet event, get a change and enjoy looking as fabulous as you always should. Book an appointment and get your hair styled to get a change without having a haircut!