Personalised Keratin Treatment

At JKH we use a customisable, innovative system of thermal hair smoothing:

the S1 Keratin Treatment.

What Does Keratin Do?

As mentioned in our previous articles (read more about it here), the Keratin adds an extra protein boost to the hair, which results in a more relaxed, smooth and healthy hair. It is great to eliminate frizz, to make your hair more manageable or simply to improve the health of your hair.

The Keratin does not change the structure of your hair, which means you might still need to activate it with heat either by blow drying it or flat ironing your hair, but it will be considerably faster.

S1 Special Ingredients

The S1 Keratin system is the newest generation of Organic Hair Straightening that relaxes and smoothens the hair without the use of harsh chemicals. The Keratin we use is based on natural ingredients, which means it is safe even for irritable scalp and it is anti allergic.

What it does contain is organic acids and Vitamin E that strengthens the hair and makes it compatible for every hair type.

These main ingredients are known for their anti-aging effects and while they penetrate the hair shaft, they will help to add the manageability and strength that we love in our hair.

Also, it is 100% AMMONIA, HYDROXIDE, and FORMALDEHYDE free!

What To Expect During Treatment?

Because we wanted to keep our salon clean from all the harmful toxins, this Keratin has no smell, no fumes or smoke, no formaldehyde and it is dermatologically tested!

While being gentle and organic, there is no sacrifice on effectiveness!

There are various options on the desired results starting from reconstructive effects, frizz elimination, volume reduction and until flattening, smoothing and relaxing, we’ve got you covered.

How Long Does The Keratin Treatments Last For?

The treatments can last up to 12 weeks when using the complete home care rage that our staff will recommend for you, so that your hair can look and feel amazing all the time.



What Is The Price Of Keratin Services?

As mentioned before, the Keratin treatments at JKH are highly customisable and personalised to each hair type and because there are various results we can offer with this treatment the price varies based on the effects that you are after.

The starting price is $120 but for an accurate quote we highly recommend a consultation which at JKH is fully complimentary.

What Happens After The Treatment?

Your hair will be sleek, smooth, shiny and healthy.

Once the service is finished, you are free to do anything you want with your hair: wash, swim, tie it up in a ponytail.

You may notice a slight odour, but it will disappear after a couple of washes.

The Keratin Treatment may affect the shade of your hair colour, so we highly recommend getting it done between two colour services.

Is It Suitable for All Hair Types?

Yes, yes and yes. No matter if your hair is coloured, highlighted, fine or coarse, the S1 Treatment is great for everyone.

For those who see heavier effects, this treatment actually builds up in the hair and becomes better when you have a couple of successive treatments.



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