“Fun” fact: the average humidity statistics for Sydney is 70% in morning, 56% in the afternoon.

We all know what humid weather can do to our precious locks: unruly, lion-like frizzy hair!

At JKH we’ve got the solution for your problem: the Peptame anti frizz treatment.

Curly, wavy or even the straightest hair can get frizzy in high humidity weather but by having the right treatment, we can now tame the feral side of the hair and get control over the entire look.

The Peptame treatment is based on sugarcane proteins which is not only natural, but also very lightweight on the hair and does miracles when it comes to anti frizz treatments.

So here are 10 reason why the Peptame treatment is the best option for you this summer

Why choose the Peptame?

1. It tames the frizz in the most gentle way

2. You can keep your curls, it only get’s rid of the frizz

3. The hair will keep its natural volume, without getting too flat

4. There are no harsh chemicals in it

5. Being very gentle, you can have it as often as you like

6. It is super fast, just an extra half an hour to your regular hair service

7. The Peptame lasts up to 8 weeks

8. Has a good value

9. Makes the hair soft and silky

10. It is completely natural, cruelty free and it actually has a regenerative side effect on the hair



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