Article_JanosKissHairBecause we care about our clients, the team at Janos Kiss Hair is now offering remedies for various scalp and hair problems. Featured in the Mosman Daily, these products promise to treat and alleviate a wide range of hair and skin conditions. Stop trying to get used to it and start a treatment today to get your health in balance and improve your general wellbeing.

As seen in the Mosman Daily:

Our hair mirrors our lifestyle. It reflects what we eat and how we feel, showing sometimes more than we would like.

If you already have a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet but still have scalp or hair problems you’ll be delighted to know there are now high-performance natural products which can come to the rescue. 

If you suffer from any of the following, Naturaltech can help:

– fragile hair prone to falling out (seasonal, hormonal or genetic based)

– dehydrated scalp

– dry and brittle hair

– dandruff problems

– oily scalp

– dull and lifeless hair

– sensitive, itchy scalp especially if you suffer from dermatitis

Based on modern research technologies the Davines laboratories in Italy have created a perfect synergy between Nature and Technology: th