For decades hairdressing has been about changing the hair shape by shortening it. You want something different, you cut your hair.  Now, the world of hairdressing has changed and we can get longer and fuller hair as easily as we could get shorter hair.  Today with a single visit to the salon you can do whatever you want.

Hair extensions have become a key element in every hairdressing salon.

They are a simple way to get volume and length or even just to be able to put your hair up with a fabulous clip or sparkly slides. Hardressers also use extensions to correct hair colour or spice up an existing one.

Hair extensions have come a long way, from the unnatural look and the uncomfortable feeling, we can now proudly use 100% natural hair that doesn’ t show and that promises a damage free application.


Here is some basic info on extensions that show why we recommend this service:

– by choosing a good quality hair extensions brand, there will be no damage to your hair. We choose to use the Seamless1 hair extensions, because they use the tape technique which does not harm the natural hair, there is no glue residue afterwards and they move and look like your own hair.

– it is quick and offers a big change that can be reversible

– there are many different shades and colours to choose from so there is no need to dye the extensions to match your hair colour

– having extensions does not mean you have to change your daily routine. You can wash, curl or straighten your hair just as you usually do

– you can experiment with new colours or add highlights with extensions, then remove them whenever you feel like.

– it is a good choice if you need some extra volume or length for a special occasion.

– depending on how quickly your hair grows, extensions can last up to three months

– the position of the extensions is always customised to your needs, so we can redesign the hairstyle in the way we need to.

– always choose a qualified hairdresser to do your extensions. At Janos Kiss Hair, we are trained and qualified by the Seamless1 team to provide the best service.


Celebrities change their hair on a daily basis, mostly by using hair extensions. It does sound unbelievable, but it is an easy and quick way to have a reversible change. Hair extensions are the best choice, even if you need a new colour, style or extra length for one special event  only. As the result of the quick and easy technique we use for application, the hair extensions are now at an affordable price as well, so that everyone can at last give it a try.