Here is our article as seen in the Mosman Daily:

Forget about the frizz and flyaway strands in the long, hot summer days – and say hello to the new generation of healthy hair smoothening which is the most advanced, yet gentle method of taming frizzy and curly hair!

Lasting up to 2 months, it’s just an extra 20 minutes added to your regular service or part of a blow dry service.

A natural Peptame treatment can reshape the hair to a smoother, fuller look and features all natural sugarcane proteins as the main ingredient. Besides taming your unruly hair, Peptame rebuilds and restores both internal and external hair fibres that results in a glamorous, and oh so Hollywood style, that’s much easier to manage. It is a natural treatment that’s quick and regenerating.

Depending on the hair type and the desired results, there are various options that can help tame the most unruly hair. To find out more about these amazing protein treatments, give Janos Kiss or his team a call, or visit us at our local salon on Military Road for a complimentary consultation.