Changing your hair colour may be fun, but often hair tinting is not a choice but a necessity because of the unwanted grey hairs.

Oh those nasty grey hair that can be utterly stubborn when all we want is to hide them.

Luckily the Italians have worked hard on solving this problem and they came up with an ammonia-freeĀ hair colour that based on natural ingredients, super gentle on the hair and does the trick with covering up the grey.

Although it sounds too idyllic, this hair colour does indeed exist and the name says exactly what it is: ANC- A New Colour by Davines.

This new technology changes the world of hair colour into a whole new concept.

The ANC has an antioxidant action, contains Vitamin C and it is biodegradable.

Substituting all the harmful ingredients, the formula of this ammonia-free hair dye is so gentle and natural that it actually protects the hair structure, prevents hair breakage and avoids split ends.

Colouring your hair has never been so good for your hair.

Even for the sensitive or allergic scalp, this colour has proved itself to be incredibly comfortable for everyone.

And most of all: