Formal season has begun! And we are absolutely energised about all the great formal hairstyles that our clients can choose from. So here are our top favourite choices.

Formal Hair for Long Hair



Low bun, high bun, braids or smooth, the options are endless.

Most girls prefer long hair and if you don’t have it, remember that there is always the option of getting hair extensions. In many cases, hair extensions can be used only for the special event and can be removed easily without leaving any damage on your hair. So no panic, just pop in to our salon in Cremorne and tell us what your dream upstyle is, we will let you know how to get it.


Formal Hairstyles for Medium hairĀ 


Medium hair has probably the largest number of options to choose from. Why? Because it is extra easy to add texture to it, add a hair jewellery, or pin it all up, while you can easily choose to do extensions if you are dreaming of a french twist or a low bun. Just pick some photos before your appointment, bring them along and find out how you can achieve the look.


Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair is not as hard as it may seem like. There are different ways to dress up a pixie starting with hair jewellery, braids, some waves, or a very smooth blowdry. Depending on your personality, choose the one that suits you better and feel free to spice your hair up for any special event.