What Is The Difference Between Box Colour and Professional Hair Colour?

Hair colours in hundreds of shades are now available at all shops to buy at your convenience. So why would you still chose a professional hair colour? What makes the difference between cheap and quick colours from the shops and the brands that offer in salon products? Because more and more people ask us these questions, we decide to put together some answers to the most common issues to guide you through them.

Shop Hair Dyes aka Box Colour

1. What is a Box Colour?

The name already says a lot: it is a box colour. This means that you have all the ingredients in one box which makes it very simple to use, but this also means you cannot personalise it, the results are always unpredictable. Usually a box colour contains a cream colour found in a tube and a developer which is a runnier fluid. Mix the two in the applicator provided and hope for the best.

2. Can I achieve the hair colour from the picture on the box?

Even though these dyes promise to create the same results on different hair, keep in mind that a different base colour (your natural colour) will result in different shade even if using the same dye as your friend per se. Just like “one size does not fit all”! So to answer this question: if you’re lucky, yes. Most of the times: no.

3. Is it easy to do roots colour with box dye?

Applying the colour is made easier and easier, but honestly, did you ever have enough colour when doing it yourself? Did you ever cover perfectly at the back as well? Most of the times it becomes very obvious if it is a colour done at home because 99% of them end up as a patchy, uneven colour.

4. How can a box colour be cheaper if it does the same thing? Is box colour bad for your hair?

First of all, the box colours have different type of pigments, secondly these hair dyes are full of harsh chemicals, even if you are not choosing blonde shades. This is also why it is super hard to remove a colour if you decide to change it. And if we look at the health side of it, being harsher, the box colours can irritate the scalp and also create an allergy on long term.

4. Can I add shine with semi permanent colour? Does box colour cover grey hair?

There is no box colour that will wash out completely. Semi or demi permanent box colours will also affect your natural colour and it is very hard to wash out even if it has a limited wash guaranteed. On the other hand, not all permanent box colours will cover your grey. There are many factors to take in consideration when we choose a colour mix for you and there is no way you can ask a box to do this for you.

5. Can I get balayage done at home? Can box colour do silver blonde? Can box colour lighten hair?

There is a reason why we do regular trainings and there is more education behind what we do than what it looks like. The newest trends include a vast technical knowledge of which technique to use to get the desired results. So if you try to get yourself a balayage, a soft ombre, a pastel or a silver colour, the celebrity look from the ad: it’ s not going to happen. Again: following the instructions may work for some, but using the same application pattern won’t work for everyone.

Reasons Why A Professional Hair Colour Is Better For You

– In contrast with the box colour, a professional hair dye can offer endless options for each hair type.

–  It is more gentle in every single way: on the scalp, on the hair, on your health.

– Colours done professionally can easily be personalised.

– You can have even, perfect hair colours all the time, while the balayage lasts ages when done right!

 – Professional hair dye offers 100% grey coverage.

Now, we let you decide which are your priorities, but based on these guidelines, the difference between box dye and professional hair colour is pretty obvious.

Why should you get your colour done at JKH?

1. We choose the most natural hair dyes, natural hair care products

In our local salon based in the heart of Sydney’s Lower North Shore you can get your colour done with the most natural hair dye on the market that is suitable even for people with high sensitivity, while for blondes we have a technique that enable us to do blonde hair without bleach.

2. You can get 100% grey coverage with ammonia free hair colours

While using gentle products that are ammonia free, you can finally cover your unwanted grey hair and keep looking at your best at all times.

3. Stay healthy while colouring your hair and protect your environment

The hair products you can get at JKH including the hair colours we use are biodegradable, made with natural ingredients from local farmers while the production is all Carbon Neutral!

The results are always at the highest standards and because we work with these products all day, every day, we make sure it is protecting your well being, our health and our environment! 

4. We care about your hair

Choosing the most gentle, natural products on the market is good not only for our staff members who spend all their time surrounded by these products, but also for our main clients: your hair! Maintaining the integrity of the hair is crucial on long term for us, because when you look good, you feel good!

Keep your hair colour looking fabulous all the time, stay up to date with the latest trends, while there will be no harsh chemicals used on your hair or scalp and you can maintain a healthy hair.

See one of our staff members to find out how to get healthy hair again.



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