You know that old saying:

“Buy cheap buy twice”?

Some people think they got the best deal for their hair services, but we often find ourselves facing hair disasters that need to be fixed.

Let’s be honest: there are endless ways to ruin hair especially if we get it done at home. But when we go to a hairdressers’ salon, we assume everything will be just perfect. This is one of the reasons why most people cannot understand the big price differences, so let me present you in this article some of the simple reasons why you should always choose a professional.

Patchy Foils

This problem is caused by the lightener or the technique used and it happens to most of us. But it is crucial to fix the problem on the spot!


If the foils are not done professionally, the results will be patchy and very visible. It takes at least two sessions to correct this kind of hair disaster

Lighter Roots and Orange Length

There is more to lightening than just putting the product on. It is important to know the history of the hair and to know exactly how to apply it in order to get a nice, even colour. There are many different ways we lighten the hair and it always depends on the hair type, the desired results and the products we use.


Overlapped lightener results uneven colour. These are before and after colour correction at Janos Kiss Hair

Overlaping When Lightening Hair

Either with block colour or foils, it is very important to avoid overlaping. When lightening the hair several times, the product will cause breakage and eventually the hair will become frizzy and shorter sections will be visible.


Colour correction and visible breakage treated with Snaplex for healthier hair

Overlaping Colour

When having colour done, it is also important not to overlap every single time you do your regrowth. If it is a professional product range, it should fade only in months. This also depends on your lifestyle because there are many external factors that can cause colour fading. The main idea is, if you keep recolouring the length even when it’s not necessary, the hair will build up the colour pigments and become darker each time.


Overlapping colour may result in uneven hair colour

Balayage Went Wrong

There are many different techniques that can be used to create a balayage or ombre colour, so it is important to know which style are you looking to achieve. This way the hairdresser can know which technique to use. In some cases, we have to correct these type of colours as well.


Balayage colour correction before and after photos at Janos Kiss Hair

Bad Haircut

Having a personalised haircut that suits your face shape and your personality is essential. It can change your entire appearance and can make your life easier by keeping it manageable.  If done properly, your hair should look nice even after you wash it yourself and with some minimal effort, the haircut should look exactly like it did when you left the salon.


Long haircuts and beautiful colours done at Janos Kiss Hair


Glamorous and trendy haircuts done at Janos Kiss Hair

There are many clients who turn to us to get their hair “fixed” and we do enjoy the challenges, but avoiding the problem is always easier. Make sure you trust your hairdresser and that you had a consultation before you get started. It is important to know what are the results you are aiming for and this is why it is also essential to choose your hairdresser well.

Keep in mind that there are no services that include quick, cheap and good at he same time. To do a proper job, it takes not only experience, but also time. And time is money, which is why professionals have higher prices.

So next time you choose by the price just remember: an ordinary service can be pricy, but fixing a previous hair disaster can be even more expensive. As an alternative, let your hairdresser know what your budget is and maybe you can both work around it to get the best out of your hair services.