You know that old saying:

“Buy cheap buy twice”?

Some people think they got the best deal for their hair services, but we often find ourselves facing hair disasters that need to be fixed.

Let’s be honest: there are endless ways to ruin hair especially if we get it done at home. But when we go to a hairdressers’ salon, we assume everything will be just perfect. This is one of the reasons why most people cannot understand the big price differences, so let me present you in this article some of the simple reasons why you should always choose a professional.

Patchy Foils

This problem is caused by the lightener or the technique used and it happens to most of us. But it is crucial to fix the problem on the spot!


If the foils are not done professionally, the results will be patchy and very visible. It takes at least two sessions to correct this kind of hair disaster

Lighter Roots and Orange Length

There is more to lightening than just putting the product on. It is important to know the history of the hair and to know exactly how to