Janos Kiss Hair has been open for two years now and we have to admit, it’s been two very busy years!

We’ve met countless lovely people on our way, we’ve made some pretty amazing makeovers and we keep growing at an incredible speed.


To celebrate the beginning of our third year here in Cremorne, we decided to do a small, yet very significant upgrade to our salon.

Working in the industry for over 20 years, we know that there is always an opportunity for growth in both knowledge and in the quality of the products we use. We started looking for organic, natural based products, but we wanted to make sure that the results of our work will not be compromised. And soon we were convinced without doubt that all we needed was created in one brand: Davines.

The Davines products reflect our values and it is our way of respecting people, their health, their natural beauty and at the same time the environment in which we all live in. The science behind these products combine high- performance results with sustainability for products that are ready- biodegradable.

With such amazing features, revolutionary formulas a