Why Does Hair Go Frizzy?

In humid summers or rainy autumns, the hair tends to go frizzy and fluffy, hard to handle. But there are several reasons that can affect your precious locks. Here are the most common reasons why the hair goes frizzy.

1. Humidity

This is the most obvious and number one reason of all, and I’m sure we all know how a humid summer day or rainy autumn can change the look of our hair in no time. But what exactly happens with the hair that changes it so radically? Simple: as we all now, the water (humidity in the air) is two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen. The high level of Hydrogen creates new bonds in the hair, which means your hair absorbs water at a molecular level, swelling until it changes the outermost layer of your hair. And if this happens with each hair piece, we already know what it looks like as an overall look.

Quick tips: If this is the main reason why your hair becomes frizzy, try a Keratin treatment. There are many different ones to chose from, depending on your hair type and the desired results. Also, it would help a lot to use anti humidity hair care products.

2. Dry or damaged hair

Based on the description above, it is quite obvious that dry hair will absorb even more water and therefore cause a more severe frizziness. Same with damaged hair, as the structure of your hair, is compromised and it would be more prone to become the fluffy.

Quick tips:

Do your best to keep your hair hydrated. Keep it away from the sun, chlorine and salt water as much as possible and maintain your hair healthy at all times. When swimming a lot or going to the beach, rinse your hair thoroughly and put conditioner on before you enter the water and use a hat when staying in the sun for a longer time.

3. Having the wrong haircut for your hair type

Every hair is different in its way: texture, density, colour treated an,d we all have different hair care routines. When getting a haircut done, it is essential to take in consideration all these factors, so that the final result will be the same even with your daily routine. Make sure the shape of the haircut helps you manage your hair instead of making your life harder.

Quick tips:

Tell your hairdresser your concerns before having a haircut. In general, if you want to avoid frizziness, avoid getting your hair layered and choose the right hair care products.

4. Using the wrong hair care products

Some lucky ones out there don’t need special care with their hair, and some just need a bit of an extra push to get a neater look. When choosing hair care products, seek professional advice. Because there are endless hair types and various lifestyles, there is now a wide variety of products that fit each and one of us. Find out from your hairdresser with one is best for you!

Quick tips:

Sometimes an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner are enough, but in some cases, you might need a smoothing range or a styling product that will manage your curls. Also, if the hair is dry, you might need a moisturising or nourishing product instead.

5. Your daily routine

Want it or not, every hairstyle needs to be looked after. This means, the way you treat it (products you use), the way you dry it and style it, everything will contribute to the final result which you will wear for a couple of days between your hair washes. If you’re unsure what’s the right way to manage your hair, or when getting a new look, ask your hairdresser how to deal with it at home.

Quick tips:

Avoid drying your hair upside-down. If you want it to dry naturally, use a diffuser and a product that will help tame the frizz and separate the curls.