How to choose your Tape hair extensions

The world of healthy luscious locks has always been a must-have for every woman who wants to feel like a queen, and so has the hair extensions. Same as any other hair related products, the elementary decision is the same:

Choose a high quality hair extension that will be easy to handle and will not harm your own hair.

How to choose your Tape hair extensions:

When it comes to hair extensions, there are endless brands to choose from. The main factor is making sure they are 100% human hair. If it is even just half mixed with faux, or low-quality hair, the extensions cannot be coloured, curled or straightened and it will be really hard to brush.

A second critical feature would be that the hair used for the extensions is a high-quality hair. The source of the hair may change the final result when they produce the hair pieces, and the best on the market so far is: The Russian Remy hair, or even Virgin hair.

This means the hair is healthy and strong, so maintaining it will be easy. The technique used can affect your hair. Professionals of the industry are recommending the tape hair extensions, not only because they are easy and quick to remove, but because it is one of the few techniques that will not damage your hair when done professionally. Because of the tape, the hair will not be too heavy on your natural hair, and it is also easy for the tape to fallow the shape of your head. It is a great choice having them only for a special occasion!

For those who need it only for a special event, tape hair extensions are a simple way to boost the hair for extra volume or length while keeping a natural look of the hair. The high-quality extensions come in all colours and shades! You know you’ re at the right place if there are different shades of hair extensions and there is no need to colour yours. With high-quality extensions, the options in colour and shade are quite vast so even if it doesn’t match your natural hair 100% there is always the possibility to mix two colours Women who tried the hair extensions can easily make the difference and know how to choose hair extensions.

Still, for those who just decided to try it out, our best advice would be to come for a complimentary consultation and ask as many questions as possible.

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