How to have health blone hair

May it be natural or salon made, everyone loves a glamorous blonde hair! The main concern remains the same: how to have healthy, shiny blondes that look good all day, every day?

Well, the answer is easier than ever: stay away from bleach. Because blonde hair colour is so popular, and because most clients were fighting to have it healthy at the same time, at JKH we developed a technique that offers same results but maintain the integrity of the hair. Go blonde without damaging your hair and wear it like a Kardashian: with power and confidence.

1.Blonde hair without bleach will keep the natural shine of the hair, including the strength that otherwise can be compromised when using bleach. With the right technique, we can easily use gentle products to lighten the hair, which will offer clean, neat and healthy blonde hair

2.Use the right hair care products at home. This is valid for all hair colour and hair types. It can make a huge difference when using the shampoo and conditioner or occasional treatments that suit your hair and your lifestyle. To do so, ask your hair specialist to choose your products.

3.Avoid chlorine and saltwater

Do this by rinsing your hair and applying conditioner before going in the water. This way, the hair shaft will be filled with fresh water, and the hair cuticle will remain shut with the help of the conditioner.

4. Wash not more than twice a week and brush gently with a soft detangling brush that doesn’t force the hair but massages the scalp. These are the tops priorities when it comes to maintaining blonde hair. These steps are easy to follow, mostly based on having the right daily routine. What to keep in mind: even the healthiest hair needs care when done at home. Looking after your hair in the right way can make a huge difference on a long term: because maintaining something is always easier than restoring or rebuilding it!