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Choose The Right Products For Blonde Hair

When choosing one of the latest hair colour trends like ombre, balayage or simply beach blondes (aka BB Hair), there is only three things we highly recommend: 1. Avoid using bleach. At JKH we now do bleach free lightening that can recreate any of these looks. Ask the staff about it to find out more. [...]

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What Does Keratin Do?

Ok. So we've all heard about the magical Keratin Treatments and the glamorous shiny and smooth hair that you can get as a result. But what does it actually do? As fantastic and unbelievable it may sound, the Keratin treatments did come a long way since their invention. And yes, it will tame the frizz, [...]

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Comparing Beach Blonde Hair, Balayage and Ombre

More and more often we find people wondering about the difference between balayage, ombre, sombre and other terms that are not quite clear what they are. To help you understand more about these techniques, we put together a little description to help you choose the look you are after, but keep in mind that it's [...]

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Peptame – The Ultimate Antifrizz Treatment

"Fun" fact: the average humidity statistics for Sydney is 70% in morning, 56% in the afternoon. We all know what humid weather can do to our precious locks: unruly, lion-like frizzy hair! At JKH we've got the solution for your problem: the Peptame anti frizz treatment. Curly, wavy or even the straightest hair can get [...]

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Women Who Rock The Hair Extensions

The world of hair extensions can now offer endless options for various occasions. It may be just for everyday use to get more volume or length, or it may be for a birthday, or a wedding, but we have two special clients who take it to the next level: on stage to international Fitness competitions! [...]

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